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Did you experience assault or improper sexual behavior while using a ridesharing service? 


In late 2019, Uber released its first report about sexual assaults connected to its service, which found it received 5,981 allegations of sexual assault between the years of 2017-18.  (NBC, 3/11/2021)

Case Review
We begin by reviewing your online survey. First, we will look at the circumstances of your case and evaluate the actions needed.

Contingency Agreement
If eligible, we will send you a contingency fee agreement to get represented in the case by one of our leading legal partners. Fees are payable only if a lawsuit is successful or results in a favorable settlement in which you get compensation.

Get Started
After signing the contingency agreement, a legal advocate will start working on your claim against the rideshare company.  You might be requested to provide documentation (if available). You will not have to spend a single dollar, even if the trial goes on for years.


Follow Up
Our support team members will follow up with you with more detailed questions about your case and explain to you what you can expect throughout the process.

Settlement and Compensation
In the case of a successful settlement, you will get compensation and the contingency fee is deducted. Keep in mind that compensation amounts can vary between different cases.

Request a Free, Confidential Consultation

It just takes a few minutes.

Survivors have valuable legal rights and may be able to seek compensation from the service providers. 

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